A loop of city blocks

I set out one day to walk one loop of the city. What I found wasn't what I thought I would.

I wanted to go in search of fashion and what I found were the layers of time in the city. Everywhere I walked, I found the past and present there together. Yesterday, last week or 10 years ago.

A new shop full of shiny objects. Signage that hasn't changed, faded paint on a wall. Bill posters falling on the ground.

I walk along big streets then meandered up a lane way peering into arcades.

It is early in the morning, nobody is around. Gates are shut. The city is just staring to stir.

I can smell the coffee warming.

Ahead of me a new bollard stands – on it a section of the map of the city showing me where I am.

Still, the more I walk, the more I notice. I am fascinated by the juxtapositions – computers, cosmetics, clothing, food, books. I am meant to be doing a fashion walk and I realise that it is all fashion, it comes and goes, people buy it and some things are more stylish than others.

Download walk and map


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