Wandering up La Trobe Street from Elizabeth, curiousity leads down Sutherland Street to a part of the city unexplored before. Another side lane not on the map.

Time slip.

Looking up at the sky line - subtracting the glass and concrete towers from view my, just red brick buildings against the blue sky. What were they? Old ware- houses? Workshops for tradespeople? Stables maybe?

Now, decaying signs of 70s motorbike service (are they still there?), big and bold street numbers on many times painted and peeled doors, ancient wood, retrofitted to accommodate funky new architecture firms, buzzers to exclusive warehouse apartments. No entry without permission.

But also weeds crack the concrete footpaths, tiny violet flowers burst and cascade from the middle of a wall, clinging onto the bricks and mortar. Natural bonsai struggle to establish themselves at the top
edge of a stone wall.

Progress and nature finding a small equilibrium, allowing each other to exist. Co-exist.

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