Memories of Melbourne past - Part 1

(Bourke Street)
Job Warehouse - This shop looks like it's been here forever. Hey, they've got cool 60s fabric. We should come back when they're open.
Salvation Army - Good bargains! Bought vest + cardi.
Peligrine's - A Melbourne institution.
Antique prints and maps - Search in vain for botanical drawings of Australian Flora + Fauna. Amazing historical etchings of Melbourne, and things were on sale!
Paper Back Books - Nice signage...

(Laneway behind Peligrine's)
Elegant metal dragon of a Chinese Restaurant. Colourful worn steps

(Cnr of Collins and Exhibition)
Check out the back of the boutique shops. Amongst the trees, lamps and benches, you can see the back of the buildings all exposed. The lumpy bits have been sprayed by concrete.

(Collins Street)
Look above shops - Beautiful typography "Buckly & Nunn Ltd" Walk trail

Download walk and map


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