My way - the byway

When I drive I don’t like sitting in traffic. I don’t have set itineraries, I follow the traffic flow. I just want to keep moving. The same is true when I walk the city. I j walk, take alley ways and cut through arcades.

Even if I am not going any where in particular, I want to be in motion...

One of my regulars is the 'shop' walk from Melbourne Central to Flinders Street Station. Up and down elevators across the walkways, in and through Myer. Dodging trams and buskers in the Mall. Will I take Centre Way or the lane way – smelling cakes, chocolate, sushi and hairspray.

Stop in a shoe shop, look at some jewellery ... No up the escalators to Lincraft to see what is there. Back down the escalators – more shoes, bags and clothes. Collins Street, wait for the lights.
Then... into the protection of Hell's Walkway. So many small cafes, City
Lights, a lane way, a library, more food... then down the stairs past crepes to art,
secret shops then the platforms and trains – leaving and leading to the city.

Meandering through and with people, past graffiti, signage, windows, food, clothes, books, computers: Fashion, Fashion of the City.

Fashioning a pathway through the city.

Download walk and map


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