Growing up with fashion and the city

I grew up knowing and being told about 'the city' as a place of fashion. My mother was a tailor in Flinders Lane in the 1940s. She talked about the workroom, customers and suppliers; running from place to place. The places she spoke of - fabric shops, tailor suppliers etc were the places that years later I would re-discover in my own forays into making.

But as a child, when these stories were being told to me - the city of my mothers stories was abstract. The fashion city for me was different. It was made up of such things as; the mystical toy department at the top of Myer; shops full of unattainable expensive things; lunch with my aunt in the cafeterias' of Georges and Buckley and Nunn; sneaking peaks of the intersection of Burke and Swanston from behind the heavy velvet curtains of Woolworths.

Fashion? I had no idea what it was or meant.

But clothes, the city and consumption - I had my introduction.

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