Fashion-city.org hosts an interactive multi-media event during the 2006 L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival (26th February - 4th March).

Fashion City is an exhibition, multi-media installation and a public interaction event that celebrates Melbourne from the street. People can download a guided walk or pick up a map to explore the city themselves to reveal the fabric and unseen patterns below the familiar streetscape.

Photos, recordings, texts and personal observations collected along the walks can be uploaded onto a webspace. A multi-media installation at Federation Square on Main Stage and Atrium Screens will display and re-construct them to weave and layer the City of Fashion.

A static exhibition (located in the Fracture Gallery within the Atrium at Federation Square) also offers another glimpse of Fashion City. Fashion City runs for the duration of the Melbourne Fashion Festival in February 2006.

7 Melbourne designers who are involved in postgraduate research at RMIT Communication Design have instigated this event. This exhibition has been kindly sponsored by: L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival; Federation Square; City of Melbourne; RMIT University,1:1 Architects, Greyspace, Neal Haslem Design.